What you focus on expands!  When we focus on happiness as our number one priority, life changes. Whether you are a business, an organisation or an individual make happiness the goal.

This section looks at Funships (workshops).  Together with presentations this becomes The Way of integrating happiness into people’s lives.  The more we see happy, the more we feel it and the more we think happy, something amazing happens we start to see the real world. 

The more we practice happiness (fake it until you make it) and experience happiness the more we open to infinite possibilities as we become more.  You cannot see further if you are unhappy. 

The goal of Susan Carew-Holmes is to inspire everyone in happiness, this includes: politicians, police, business people, communities, kids, animals etc.  

Be the change we wish to see in the world is what Gandhi inspired. 




If you want a cooperative, happy and peaceful world you must be the example of it.  That includes me too.  We all can choose to walk the talk not mouth happiness.  For when we change the world changes. We are ONE.

When other’s see you are happy, they will be attracted to what you are being, saying and doing. They will wonder why you are different? You can smile and tell them you are choosing happiness, you are living in a way that reflects ‘who you are’ and you see the world as innocent.  It is not about me, it is about joy.

I will explain this a little.  People operate out of what they know.  You will discover when you really talk to people they believe they are right, they did nothing wrong and they may be in denial. However, there is an innocence in that belief even when they deliberately hurt another they will think they deserve it.  So how we see life does change the way we treat others.  Happiness naturally is forgiving, it is naturally allowing of difference and open to critique. 

So what makes you happy?

It is contagious. Pass this on.