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Clowning Around Workshop
Workshop Session Plan
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The Clowning Around Team Building funshop is designed to bring back to business a positivity that is both professional and fun. The program is delivered by ‘Peace-fool the clown’. The clown is a powerful symbol of fun, equality, esteem and non judgement. Participants who enjoy where they work and feel free enough to share a good joke with colleagues are more likely to stay with the company.


… some thoughts for you to consider…

Susan aka Peacefull clowned with Patch Adams in Russia. This was a wonderful experience of clowning in hospitals, on the streets, in nursing homes and orphanages. Clowns have different personalities and each person can make up their own clown as they explore the silly part of themselves. Clowning is an ancient artform originally seen as the archetype which releases people from the structures of life and frees them through the levity of the human spirit. It sets them free to laugh and have fun together.

See http://youtu.be/FInCP-Xw3UY

Susan has clowned all over the world in places such as: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Egypt, UK, Ireland, USA, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and of course Russia with Dr. Patch Adams. Clowing releases joy and encourages play and letting go. It is fantastic in reducing stress and feeling fantastic.

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Clowning Around Workshop

This program fosters humour, team building, de-masking and learning to see in another way . The humour promoted in this program is healthy and productive. After clowning around for 45 minutes your mood will change, as will your outlook on life. Let’s face it at times life is a joke and it is important to find the funny side and not take it all too seriously.

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Workshop Session Plan

  • Warm up… or warming up…
  • Introduction: making life/work more fun! creating happycultures, humour and positivity, snap out of moods
  • Finding your clown – ya clown! A sense of humour – dress ups;
  • Team building: clowning techniques:
  • Mime
  • Juggling
  • Clowning techniques
  • Props
  • Group activities;
  • Paint your own mask (optional)
  • Relaxation and visualization – happiness.

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Peace-fool says…

“I see everyone as leaders. I’m into empowerment. I know people are great, the only problem is most people aren’t used to thinking in that way. Clowning is untapped and is a fantastic way of confronting your own fears, comfort zones and developing esteem to connect with others. The more happy you become you start to see life in a different way… why not create fun workplaces!”

Susan has had experience at the grass-roots level, having worked in over 300 organisations across most industries. She had the opportunity to observe first hand how employees were feeling and the pressures they were under. In addition, as a Manager and Analyst, she has also understood issues that Management face. In her Consulting role she undertook satisfaction surveys and gained deeper insights into views in the workplace.