HA Chats to Discuss What Makes YOU Happy

When happiness becomes our life focus, then we look naturally for what makes us happy and laugh. Animals are very funny and innocent. How many of us talk about our animals and the funny things they do? The topic is endless as life is funny.

So, Let’s have happy chats!

HA chats can be face to face or a group gathering at a cafe and/or a zoom group. The purpose of the gathering is to discuss what makes us happy and have positive conversations that are uplifting and fun.

We come together to share ideas, experiences, wisdom and generally have a good time. .

A few ideas when coming to the group:

  • Share your happy moments and experiences so other’s can see a happy life is possible.
  • Be yourself and not worry about what others think but become familiar with what you think and feel. You don’t have to follow the crowd to belong or be accepted. You are free to be you.
  • Deeply listen to other voices without talking over them and have a conversation.
  • Assert your view without fighting or being ‘right’ and make space for different views.
  • What goes around comes around. Some call this karma or an energy response as life brings back to us what we send out. So if we are sending out good vibes and helping then guess what, ‘good’ naturally returns as life is a mirror.

The HA Chat group is about embracing diversity (difference).

We are learning and experiencing community, which means common unity. You can find that even in a diverse group you have more in common. Sometimes we express it differently

We all feel happy when we make friends and feel a sense of community. A few ideas on happiness and friendship:

  • Happiness is a Barometer of how we feel.
  • Happiness is about coming together producing happiness as we are born into groups.
  • A feeling of family.
  • Share ideas, strategies, experiences and solutions.
  • Patch Adams says happiness happens when you use humour to get close and develop what he terms ‘friendshipism’.
  • Resolving problems produces happiness as fears, anxiety and guilt breaks down friendship given fear of negative outcomes.
  • Is a life saver particularly in tough times when you need a real friend.
  • True friends don’t judge but look to understand where you are coming from.
  • Friends are a gift and in your corner when life feels against you.

Happy Quotes

The old saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ makes a person feel seen and heard.


So come along and have some fun.

You can contact Susan at community@worldpeacefull.com