Are these videos crazy or are the Fools leading us to look outside the box.

Colonel Jim Channon – First Earth Battalion for Peace

Life force living — social architecture in the 21st century: Jim Channon at TEDxMaui 2013

Is Jim crazy? Did you watch right through or give up as he was ‘weird’? Had you watched on the Fool may lead you to manifesting your dreams.

Men that Stare at Goats

This film is inspired by Jon Ronson’s Book The Men Who Stare At Goats, it is a fiction, and while the characters Lynn Cassady and Bill Django are based on actual persons, Sergeant Glenn Wheaton and Colonel Jim Channon.

Patch Adams: Laughter and Healing

Patch Adams says health and health care is a human right for all people. Patch was a whole systems thinker. Patch didn’t charge money and tried to inspire community. The ideal patient was the one creating a deep personal friendship. Patch saw healing as intimacy and truly caring about patients. Patch brought arts into health care. He integrated all healing arts. His law is ‘what do the patients need’. This is called complementary care. He said he did not receive a donation in 12 years so they worked outside jobs to pay. The unencumbered practice of care is a ecstatic experience.

He speaks at a Transform conference sponsored by the Mayo Clinic, my hope is they are listening.

Patch Adams Movie

Patch Adams was played Robin Williams in the Hollywood movie.

Patch’s website:

Dynamo: Magical Alchemy

Buckminster Fuller: Earth Ships

Buckminster Fuller at MIT – Spaceship Earth – 1979

Akiane ‘Painting the Impossible’

A child prodigy painting the impossible. This is her incredible story.