Happiness Australia


You have come to the right place.

Happiness! Australia is a new initiative to reach out to the public and to propose we can return to a happy country.

Australia was known throughout the world as friendly. We grow up saying hello to each other and we trusted each other. People would pull over and help someone broken down. We give a fair go which is the Australian Way.

Many Australians are quick with a joke or a slap on the back. There is the clown in many of them.

So when Susan Carew (Homes) decided to be a clown she was just being herself, really!!

To be happy is to make a decision.

It is to see the world in a different way.

It is to use life as an experience to know yourself.

People never turn up as you expect, they turn up as themselves.

So imagine, if we let the world be what it is and we just decide to be ourselves also.

Happiness! Australia is here to inspire a new conversation. A new way to be. A re-new-able life.

Without happiness you have nothing, it is the real poverty. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or how many assets you pile up. If you do not feel that excited joy then you have missed the point of life.

Real Happiness is an inside job, often with no pay. There is no price on happiness as it is infinite.

Happiness, like peace, is free and you do not need to earn it. However, when you get the joke you will never go back to your old life.

Just know you are the Fool and let’s celebrate who we are.

So you are invited on this journey.

Your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable.

POEM: Happiness is the Name of Friendship

Happiness is the name for friendship,

Love is the name for peace,

Truthfulness is the name for courage,

Faith is the name beyond belief,

And what a relief it is to feel the meaning of life is in my hands,

For always I extend my hand in friendship,

Always I cross the bridges to peace,

Constantly I seek a higher path,

As all roads lead home,

And home is where I am going,

For the open road calls me as I feel the tug,

For the rug will be pulled from beneath my feet,

As humility is the name I call selflessness,

And I wish to lose my self,

To gain the world,

Of true peace.