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About Happiness! Australia

Welcome Home! 

Happiness! for our world will uplift everyONE.

This is the new sensation. Perhaps we live to the tune of INXS in a way that is abundant where we give to life rather than take away. Happiness is what sustains all of us. It is a gift from life to us when we are in harmony.

This poem was inspired in a moment of great happiness.  That is where greatness emerges, when you are truly happy.  It is to understand that your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable, no matter external appearances. We are on our way Home and this is our destiny.  Happy people sustain the planet, Happy people do not bully each other, Happy people share as ONE and Happy people have found their purpose. To live on purpose will sustain all life on earth as each finds their happy place and works from there.  That is the purpose of humanity not as an either or proposition, but who we really are when we make our happiness the No. 1 priority.  Let’s start this story with a rhythm rather than a mission statement.

Charting a New Course of REAL HOPE for the Future of Infinite Possibility