The Happiness! Australia presentation shares the vision of Happiness! Australia as a grass roots initiative run by the people for the people. We believe that everyONE deserves to be happy.

This is not a business, charity or not for profit. It is an initiative, a call to Action to make happiness real in our lives.

Susan Carew-Holmes has been a World Peace Clown and clowned with Dr Patch Adams, in 20 countries, in Australia and has experienced the real joy of giving love as fun and play. Clowning is an ancient art, nothing like depicted in Hollywood. There real clowns or fools are the most gentle, fun, playful people you could be fortunate enough to meet.

They show us another way of living, it has a child like quality to play that is innocent and reconnects us to the “inner child” so many have disconnected from.

Susan aka Peace Fool asks questions about what is happiness for you, and demonstrate how happiness is experienced by we Fool’s for peace and joy.

This presentation will be fun, informative and explain the funships.

You can watch the powerpoint presentation here:

1 Happiness Australia Presentation update

The following are videos of the 1st presentation to give you a feel:

What is happiness?

How does happiness Feel?

Happy song feels great and shows us where happiness leads us…

To be or not to be a Fool?

There is a survey attendees can fill out after the presentation or funships:


Be part of a GREAT initiative that is deeply needed in our world. Let’s take the Fool’s Journey (Heroes) back to who we really are.

You will never look back.

Much love,