Here are a selection of videos that educate the public about the true nature of who we are and what this term Greatness or Oneness really means. It is not greater than as there is no comparison, it is reaching one’s full potential. They are exciting ideas emerging during these times of great duress and hardship providing insight into realising a happy world is indeed possible. It is reminding you that you create your reality by your thoughts, words and actions. We literally are creating the times we are moving through.

Jim Carey states you have two choices fear or love. He recommends to always choose love.

Esther Hicks discusses the new knowledge of Abraham, not of the bible but of the power each person has to create the life they want. Abraham-hicks have become well known teachers of the Law of Attraction. Imagine you co-create your reality based on how you feel. What is it you want to feel and then create?

Caroline Chang awakened to Oneness and created her radio program Awaken to ONEness Radio. I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Caroline (see media). I found her to be a humble and wise woman seeking to create unity and peace on our planet. Her video is informed and coming out of her life experience. She in my view is a peacemaker.

Each has a calling. We can end hunger, poverty, violence and make a difference when we come together as ONE. Many are weighed down with the troubles of the world it is time to inspire another Way.

Scientist: Dr Jill Bolte Tailor had a stroke and she experienced the greater self. She has expertise in mental illness and mapping the brain. She explains how her hemorragic stroke and how the two hemispheres (cerebral cortices) are separate and process information differently. The hemispheres think, care and have different personalities. The Right is the present moment, thinks in pictures and via movement. Information as energy streams in via sensory systems and creates a collage of the present moment. Humans are connected via right hemisphere as a human family to make the world a better place. We are perfect, whole and beautiful. The left is a different place. It thinks linearly and methodically, it is about the past and future. It is designed to take the collage of present moments to pick out details, categories and organises associates with the past and projects into the future possibilities. Left hemisphere thinks in language. It is a calculating intelligence. It says I AM and we become separate. She lost this portion of her brain on the morning of her stroke. Her reality changed and she found peace. It was a stroke of insight to how we live our lives.

David Bennett, Navy engineer: Drowning

Earth Life is Just a Play

Delores Cannon

Delores died in 2014. She was known as a reporter and hypnotist. She regressed people into past and future lives.