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  • To empower change in the highest interest of society we must start with children.


  • Diversity is very important to awaken people that there are many voices, not just those favoured.  What has been learned over the years via mediation, conflict resolution, travelling the world, is that we learn from difference and often the teachers in our lives turn up as those who disagree or cause discord.


  • Democracy is learning to listen, speak up and express diverse perspectives with an attitude of healthy respect.  It is not a system, it is an approach open to diversity that leads to peaceful outcomes by resolving the very imbalance that denies diversity insisting on sameness.  Real innovation and insight arises from differences.


  • The REAL HOPE videos showcase the REAL HOPE program which teaches children peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying utilising the archetype of the clown/fool.  Children relate to fun characters whereby each child is valued.  This work presents REAL HOPES for the world as a potential framework for World Peace.


  • All voices are of the highest value. 

I value all voices.  My greatest teachers have been the ones who have devalued my voice, sought to harm me and discredit who I am.  I worked through all the issues and in the end I forgave them.  Why?  They did knot ‘know thyself’ and through their ignorance and lack of self reflection forced me to look at myself, find my truth and stand on my own side without fear nor favour.   I found myself and my freedom.”

Susan Carew-Holmes:



I have had significant teachers in my life who have taught me to speak the truth to myself and others.  When I felt fear I decided to find a way to overcome all fear.  I chose to travel the world alone.  I did it on a small budget and ended up couch surfing where strangers offer a bed for free and become friends.  It was the most liberating experience of my life.  I came to see the world as my family.  Each country I flew into became my people.  This is how I found unity in diversity. 

A brief video:

My world trip was self funded and photos can be found at the following link: 

Travelling the World for Peace Albums

A few extracts of working with children from my journey:

Peacefull teaching Peace in Costa Rica, Central America

Peace is not boring it is actually exciting when we understand real peace.

Peacefull clowning around with disabled kids in Peru, South America

Like all children they chase clowns but with wheelchairs.  They sandwiched me ha ha.  Very funny.


Clowning in Australia

REAL HOPES Peace, Nonviolence, Anti-bullying Program

REAL HOPES emerged from my study of peace. I came to realise it is our natural values that create stability, involvement in community, self responsibility and care for others.  I decided to write a program as a World Peace Clown to teach real peace to children.  They learned all the skills of conflict resolution, critical thinking, values, fun activities to activate peace in themselves.  Some were surprised to learn that real power is nonviolence not power over others to control and dominate.  This work was about knowing yourself and learning to live in community with others.  We are indeed the world. The children were great fun on this journey.  What we teach them today gives them the tools to make wiser decisions tomorrow.

Teaching Peace to Children to Create REAL HOPES.   Play all


Peace-Fool Videos


Peacefull Juggles, Jokes and Explains the Clown Journey