Random Acts is to encourage random acts of kindness. This could include:

  1. Visiting nursing homes spreading joy to particular residents
  2. Visiting hospital’s spreading joy to particular patients.
  3. Visiting the community to bring cheer.
  4. Pay it forward: What is given to us is given to others

I love this scene from the Patch Adams movie. It is one of my favourite

Happiness! Australia is a call to action happiness. So each and everyone of us can do this. We can send tips, jokes and links to empower others if we can’t make it.

Just note at this stage Happiness! Australia is a small group so there will be unmet demand as so many will need cheering up.

We ask for your patience (patients! HA) or we can help you to help the person you feel needs cheering up! if we can’t be there in person.

We will all fake it till we make it. A really happy society just gives to live. We are here for each other and we choose to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’ by becoming that change. It is not difficult to make someone happy, we find out what they love, we are respectful and we give lots of love.

Let’s Cheer Up! our home, friends, community, nation and world. You will discover, as Susan as, everyone is a potential friend.

We remind others that people care. This can be enough to change a life. Any ideas you have send to us and we will give it a go.

Email Random Fools community@worldpeacefull.com