Remember the class clown. Always there is someone who makes a joke, or a funny comment in our lives. They are the clown, just under cover.

Yet on the flipside when people mess up, or are ridiculed they often are called clowns. Fortunately we can laugh at this as well.

All have permission to let off steam and joke together to de-escalate annoyance, anger and pain. The clown is very ancient and has a history virtually in every country (go see The Fool in this website).

The Fool is often the one who steps out of the comfort zone, they are different, they see differently and they do what most would say is foolish. Yet what if being a Fool is the very freedom each seek but are too fearful to embrace. The Fool in truth is in everyONE.

The wonderful Dr Patch Adams turned 79 this year.  Laughter is indeed the best medicine.  It keeps us young, stimulated, resilient and positive.

Patch’s endorsement of Susan Carew (Holmes).

The following is a brochure circulated in July 2024. Patch’s story is worth understanding. It is an approach to peace that is playful and inspires the humanity in everyone fortunate enough to come in contact with Patch.

The brochure includes an inspiring quote from Patch on the 2001 Healing with Humour Tour of Russia:

HA Patch Adams Presentation 2024

This presentation invites the community to learn of the incredible Dr Patch Adams who inspired the world in the movie by the same title ‘Patch’. He is a unique character that has brought joy to millions. All this arose from his thought where he chose to be happy.

The following is the Powerpoint Presentation that the community can look over and then come along and really feel the magic of what the ‘fool’ is really about.

Dr Patch Adams Presentation 1.5 hour

Patch was a visionary and he learned young, at 18, facing his own personal crisis that rather than end his life he was going to make revolution and it was going to be a love revolution.

Patch started up the Gesundheit! Institute in Virginia, USA. It is a ecovillage where they explore community, loving kindness and inspire others to join in this gentle evol-u-ti-on or no-it-u-love (reversed). We can live like love is irrelevant but it is the very stuff that makes life worth living. It is the most beautiful joy that is not expressed in words but felt in actions as you reach out across this lonely fragmented world and re-connect with others reaching back to remember what love is. As it is our true nature to love each other. To deny love is to deny our fundamental nature which is the epicentre of the joy we are all seeking in things as we find it hard to be seen for who we are.

To learn more about Gesundheit! Go to click below…

Patch used clowning to get up close to people and love them.

He spent more than 40 years travelling the world to the most desperate places to bring the joy of clowns.

Susan Carew-Holmes will talk about her experience in Russia with Patch and how this changed her life.

She will discuss her own clowning in hospitals, around Australia and around the World as a Humanitarian clown.

The arts is how we come to ‘know ourselves’ and how we explore the arts to create real connection with people. There is the most beautiful unconditional love that flowers when you play with people. Some just break out of their mundane lives and dance with you or hug you or play.

You discover when we drop the fear and just be happy and fun this gives permission to others to just be themselves.

There is nothing more beautiful than sharing, playing and experiencing humanity with others. We drop the masks, we drop the pretence, we drop the tension and just have fun.

So it is with delight this work will be shared with others.