Susan Carew-Holmes is a trained mediator. She can be asked to conduct mediation or teach mediation as a way forward out of conflict.

How many conflicts have we all been in that have distracted us away from what we really want?

How many conflicts did we feel we couldn’t do anything about and just walked away?

How many families broke up? No resolution or peace?

How many communities came into conflict through division?

Let’s start a peaceful conversation and learn how to work out conflict and find peace so we can work together happily.

Misunderstanding is when we don’t understand what the other party is really saying as we are right they are wrong.

Abuse is really inner pain projected onto others as we want them to suffer. Yet when we hurt others we end up hurting as well. We call this a zero sum game.

So when we get used to resolving conflict this opens up a new space. Our happy destiny is unavoidable.

Contact Susan at to discuss basic conflict resolution discussions and re-skilling for peaceful communities.