About Happiness! Australia

Welcome Home! 

Happiness! for our world will uplift everyONE.

Happiness! Australia will become a new sensation for Australia and the world to emulate.   Our Happy Destiny is Unavoidable.

Do you want to be truly Happy?

Do you want to feel Peace?

Do you want to live in Harmony?

Then you have come to the right Happy Place.  Our joy in life is to find our happy place and live in harmony.  To achieve this we can dedicate our lives to being happy.  Peace is the realisation of happiness.  That is when you get the joke! HA

Disruption or Celebration?

As we go through uncertainty, economic downturns and social disruption with our family and friends, we can either join in the unhappiness or we can start to focus on what we actually want rather than what we don’t want. This is how you create the change in your own life.  It was Gandhi who said ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’.  Life is about celebration.


Happiness! Australia is to ask questions about what makes us truly happy.  Is it work (security)? Is it money (buy things)? Is it success (approval) ? Or is it to be ourselves? To have fun? To live in harmony with our nature? So let’s start there. 

Fear or Happiness?

Do we live from fear or happiness? 

Do we find ways to turn lemons into lemonade? What does this mean? It means finding the good in what seems unbearable.  Is that rose coloured? No, always there is a flip side, your job, if happiness is the goal, is to find the good in it. That is the hard part.  Most will resist looking for what is good.

We can change our lives even in the darkest times. In fact those changes have only ever come when were at our lowest ebb.  Happiness! Australia is to be a light in the darkness and curse it not.  It is to be candle and pass it from one to the other. 

It is to know that happiness is finding your own truth.  What does this mean?  When you feel happy you are following your own heart. That is, following what you actually want not what others are telling to do. This can be challenging as who is going to pay the bills, how do I feed my kids, I don’t have time for happiness, I’m running on empty etc etc.  So learning ‘happiness’ is really a discipline as our culture will tell us to stop dreaming, get into the real world as they believe happiness is not possible. We are here to put to you, that your happy destiny is unavoidable. 

Dr. Patch Adams says Laughter is the best Medicine

Patch Adams is my inspiration.  He is a clown doctor.  I had the joy of travelling to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams and he taught us how a small group of people can learn to live in harmony, feel happiness and join in team work as loving service to others.  It is a change of attitude that is required or even fake it until you make it. When we are tired of the pain we have to come to a decision. Do we let go of life or do we choose life?  Patch Adams made a decision at a critical juncture when he wanted to end his life and was in a mental institution.  The critical choice was to be happy or to end his life.  His choice changed the world.

That is the power of choosing happiness and choosing life.  Have a listen to what he said on TEDx.

My decision

I remember I was asked by Principles to come to a conference and clown there.  I flew to Canberra and found myself feeling really sad.  I was in a dilemma as I am a clown.  I said to myself I have to be happy.  So I started putting on my clown suit and heard the bells, then suddenly I felt happy.  For four hours I clowned and I realised that happiness is a decision.

When we resolve inner unhappiness or the lies we tell ourselves (shadow puppets), we naturally feel happy. It is our true nature. 

Byron Katie (Transformation)

Byron Katie taught me that.  The Work can be found at www.thework.com: 


Peace is Our True Nature

I dreamed I was teaching peace in 1998. I had worked as a market analyst for 10 years and suddenly I had this dream. On awakening I realised this was the real currency and real wealth of who we are.

Below is a declaration I wrote in 2019 as sovereignty for me means self determination. I choose to be who I am.

I chose to travel the world as an opportunity to face all fears. I had been a World Peace clown in hospitals, schools, non-profits and service clubs. My next step was to teach peace around the world, as our world is crying out for peace. This album below highlights where I went and what I learned. I was in danger of making friends. I was helped all the way.

The Runes say:

Happy is (s)he who can find that great treasure.

Is the treasure in objects of value or something else?

Humanity is discovering the answer to this statement as they realise peace is not chaos and yet it is. That the treasure is not trinkets but within your very self.

This joy is a treasure hunt to find what is of real value within us. When the treasure you will need nothing.