About Happiness! Australia

Welcome Home! 

Happiness! for our world will uplift everyONE.

Happiness! Australia will become a new sensation for Australia and the world to emulate.   Our Happy Destiny is Unavoidable.

Do you want to be truly Happy?

Do you want to feel Peace?

Do you want to live in Harmony?

Then you have come to the right Happy Place.  Our job in life is to find our happy place and live in peace.  To sustainably achieve this we must dedicate our lives to inner truth.  Without it there is no peace.  Peace is the realisation of inner truth.  That is when you get the joke!


As we go through uncertainty, economic and social disruption we start to focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want. 


Happiness! Australia is to ask questions about what makes us truly happy. Is it work? Is it money? Is it success? Or is it to be ourselves? To have fun? To live in harmony with nature?

Fear or Happiness?

Do we live from fear or happiness?  Do we find ways to turn lemons into lemonade making sure we deal with life with courage.  We can change our lives even in the darkest times. In fact those changes have only ever come when were at our lowest ebb.  Happiness! Australia is to be a light in the darkness.  It is to be candle.  It is to know that true happiness does have to go through the valley to find the mountain peak.  We can’t just go bush and forget about it but we can find ways too positively deal with situations that can appear overwhelming.

Dr. Patch Adams

Patch Adams is my inspiration.  I travelled to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams and he taught us how a small group of people can learn harmony, happiness and team work in loving service to others.  It is a change of attitude that is required. When we are tired of all the pain we have to come to a decision. Do we let go of life or do we choose life?  Patch Adams made a decision at a critical juncture to be happy and he changed the world.

My decision

In my life I also made a decision to live peace and work on inner harmony. Like everyone I’ve had my ups and downs.  It has been a tough road. However, no matter how many times I fell over I picked myself back up and I tried again.  Happiness is the work of realisation it takes time to really get that happiness is natural. When we resolve inner unhappiness or the lies we tell ourselves (shadows), we naturally feel happy. 

Byron Katie (Transformation)

Byron Katie taught me that.  The Work can be found at: 


Peace is Our True Nature

Below is a link to my blog Peace is Our True Nature.  This was a blog was inspired as I decided to use this as the vehicle to learn about my world and myself.  I travelled the world as a peace clown and felt my life come around full circle.

This picture was taken at the Orkney Islands, Scotland in 2010. It is one of the oldest Neolithic sites in the world. I felt inspired to go to my photos, closed my eyes, chose an album and this photo was there. The Runes say:

Happy is (s)he who can find that great treasure.

Is the treasure in objects of value or something else?

Humanity is discovering the answer to this question as they realise peace is not chaos and yet it is.