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Public Interest Poetry is Philosophy 

It arises as the language of the heart.

Poetry opens insight to
‘see differently’

There is no right or wrong only the swan song,
As positions become respected perspectives,
Poetry breaks out of the tourniquet of limited or box thinking,
To free insights for the common good!

A Civil Integrity Manifesto is Value-Able,
A Civil Manifesto will become the new Social Contract,

Homelessness inspires Equality in a renewable Bill of Rights,
Justice of the Peace realises peace is the real Justice.

see differently

Enjoy the free downloads below given as a gift of love to humanity.
For it is time to move into the light of the real public interest.

1)  Civil Integrity Manifesto
for an Australian
Integrity Commission

Click the link to download pdf: A CIVIL INTEGRITY MANIFESTO final23

2) Civil Manifesto for a
Re-new-able Future 

Click link to download pdf: A Civil Manifesto finalmanifesto

3) The Justice of the Peace

Click link to download pdf: THE JUSTICE OF THE PEACE


4) Ending Homelessness

Click link to download pdf:  Poetry Book to End Homelessness for Goodhomeless poetry


A Manuscript for A Fool for Peace is a blueprint for a New World:
Manuscript A Fool for Peace final 2020

The world is in the hands of kids1

In the midst of a mountain shadow,
it can be hard to see the wood for the trees,
I just feel the breeze of freedom,
and await the sunshine of clarity,
to grace my heart.

The journey of my life,
is to see my world,
I want to know if our nature is protected,
I want to see if people’s voices are projected,
I want to read the book of the future,
for you cannot know the future through books,
I have to see for myself what is true,
for it is the truth that sets you free,
for freedom is not an approved transaction,
it is a birthright,
that transcends each nation.

I travel through this life,
there are so many worlds,
so many engrossed in their day to day lives,
for they cannot see the trees for the wood,
as deforestation is currency conversion,
logging time to buy time,
the wild rainforests are clearing,
the sun spots are searing,
as the thirst that converts greed into need,
forges another path to take what is virgin,
for thousands of years of birthing diversity,
cannot be reversed by Kyoto, Cancun or Paris,
which has no universal protocol,
that is honoured,
For unity is the creed of a new civilisation.

My true home will not be in a city,
my true home is to live in peace with nature,
to remember who I am and live it,
to forget the illusion of turmoil that despoils our planet.

I do not wish to be part of the problem,
for the solution lies within my inner knowledge,
which is arising through the pyramids of desert,
the ocean current at Tulum,
the rainforest at Chichen Itza,
the energy centre at Machu Picchu,
for the ancient astronomers were tracking the stars,
were harvesting for the future,
were coordinating their lives with the cosmos,
they were not simple clans,
but were advancing an ancient knowledge of a lost civilisation.

Do you know that ours has lost its way,
it is a dead end track with no forest for cover,
and the tipping point is a critical mass,
that is critical of the mass media,
for it is up to every parent with conscience,
to be the change they wish their child to see,
only through example will a new world,
be freed.