Background of Happiness Australia! 

Susan Carew the founder of WorldPeacefull. Happiness Australia! is another spoke from the inner wheel of dynamic change feeding into Global Peace.  

To understand real happiness you have to be prepared to go into the cut and thrust of life, to clash it up, to take risks, leaps of faith with courage.  Susan speaks about the Fool’s Journey which is the metaphor of the heroes journey.  It is the journey every fool must take.   However, when you are prepared to be a Fool in the eyes of the world, do expect to be ignored, vilified, excluded and disbelieved.  You may say – this is not the road to happiness.  I just need a place to chill out, to rest awhile, to meditate, surely that is happiness!  Susan has leaned that happiness is an inside job and funnily enough it does emerge out of the hardship of life when you suddenly Get It!!  It is not about having the incense burning, the cushy job, the gorgeous partner, lots of money, everything going smoothly  – all under control.  In actual fact happiness is how you respond to life’s challenges.  When you master truth in yourself you will discover that you deal with the challenges in a way that is positive, allowing, inclusive and forgiving.  Happiness flows from gratitude as the attitude of life.  It is not about materialism or controlling the world in your image, that is an impossible expectation.

So from experience our journey unfolds and shape changes us, Susan calls equates her life to the Philosopher’s Stone, that life changes her, not the other way around.  Her background points to the shape changes that have contoured her life, flushed up the pain and sorrow, led to the great happiness of self realisation and changed her direction many times.  Life is the great shape changer when you are open.

  • Susan has wide experience having worked in approximately 400 workplaces. She realised that most workplaces people are not happy.  
  • Susan worked as a market analyst and consulted to companies for approximately 10 years. She learned about business strategy and marketing.
  • Susan entertained and educated the public as a World Peace Clown.  Peacefull (or Peace Fool) and Doctor Woo Hoo started clown rounds in Canberra hospital.  Laughter is the best medicine.  We feel happy when we laugh and this boosts the immune system, it is great for health!
  • Susan was invited to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams to visit hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages and on the streets with 40 clowns.  She learned that a small tribe of people can give unconditional love to strangers and that random acts of kindness change the world. The world is our family!
  • Susan taught her REAL HOPE peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying program in schools to primary children. Teaching as a clown created the happy classroom and the children responded. It was a place of values, happiness, inclusiveness, freedom, learning, characters, puppets, balloons/bubbles, fun, inquiry, exploring and play. The children experienced their happy place and realised happiness is not about external things but about who they are. When you value yourself you value others.
  • Susan clowned on the streets with Hairy Potter and connected with the public.  It was a space of love and anyone that came into that space was sent a smile, laughter and invited to step out of their world and play.  thousands of people were met on the streets, and the fulfilment (or foolfilment) was 100%.  When you are happy, giving joy to others, there is nothing that compares.
  • Susan trained on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program in Bangkok, Thailand.  It was here that she learned about world conflicts, people competing to have their needs met, difficult cultures clashing it up, the extremes in cruelty, the class divisions and solutions to resolve conflict, to learn to see differently, to enter processes of conflict resolution, to listen to all sides, to understand the cultural issues, to explore personalities, politics, conflict maps and work out issues.  She had the chance to clown in a 50,000 refugee camp Ma Lai.  She visited the Karen Burmese, clowned with the children in a make shift school, and spread love as her peace message.  She clowned in a hospital with a Sri Lankan Doctor in a hospital, she noticed malaria victims actually protected the clowns.  She had the chance to clown in Cambodia at a HIV clinic, the Camillian Center run by a Catholic priest. She clowned with prostitutes, regarding every person with the same value. To bring a smile is a job well done. 
  • Susan has been a public speaker and spoken in 100’s of events on peace, education, happiness. Public speaking is interactive and fun and it is to inspire the audience to see in their own lives the great potential that is waiting to be discovered.
  • Susan has taught laughter clubs, happiness workshops and clowned around.  This is to bring the clown or Fool into the business forums to show them that work need not be serious, that we can have fun, be silly and it is okay to be a Fool, even at work.  In fact it is mandatory if you want mental health and wellbeing.  Happiness is the turnaround for those who have only known serious spaces.  It is to reconnect with Who You Really Are, that is why it feels good and often relaxation is what releases all that stress built up from pretending in your life.  Takes a lot of energy.

Susan estimates that 99% of people are mildly depressed.  That is there is a level of suppression inherent in society whereby people are given permission to behave in certain ways.   Thus there is a normal level of control witnessed on the streets.  Increasingly, as society breaks down, people move through society with increased detachment and on automatic pilot.  There is less spontaneity or feeling of belonging.  This brings a wide range of social problems such as:  loneliness, isolation, mental illness, low self esteem, suicide, violent behaviour and so on. 

Happiness Australia will offer public speaking on the theme of Happiness via a range of topics and provide workshops to assist in reconnecting people to emotional intelligence, spontaneity, connection, self esteem, belonging and a vigorous feeling for life.  When people feel happy they are more cooperative, aware of others, energetic, enthusiastic, creative and open to leadership skills.  Susan Carew is available to run workshops to reinvigorate, inspire and remind people that their Happy Destiny is Unavoidable.  That we can all transform from the negative paralysis to empowered expansion of possibilities.  Life is an infinite experience when you open your heart and mind.  The world is not as it is depicted in the media it is far more than you can imagine.  Indeed imagination is the driver of innovative and creative expansion.

Happiness is the goal of every person but it is not seen as the overall goal of society.  We are here to be happy and happy people are the ones that are effectual and the shining lights leading the way to a re-new-able future.  Happiness Australia intends to spread this message of happiness, love, peace and potential to the community with the aim of developing Gross National Happiness as a national objective and priority.  Happiness is the true abundance of our world, it expands through giving and sharing not taking and harming others.  It is the reverse paradigm of our current paradigm.  

All of us can make a difference, and when we are happy we are unstoppable.  Why not join with Happiness Australia and promote happiness what we are all working towards.  Will you join us in being the change you wish to see in the world?  Get in touch and jump on the fun-ship.  If you are from another country why not Happiness (country) let’s lift the lid on our potential.  Anything is possible when it is possible to be anything.  

 You are the love you are seeking!!!

Your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable!!

 And ….

Be the Change You Wish to see in the World (Gandhi)