Media Interviews

CBS News (Russia), filmed clowning in Russian hospital, Moscow, Russia

Interviewed by Channel 10, Clowning at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne

Interviewed by ABC radio ‘Clowning in Russia’, 774 program, Melbourne

Interviewed by Regional ABC radio, ‘REAL HOPE program’ in Gippsland area, Victoria

Interviewed by the Heidelberg Leader, ‘Department of Peace, Peace Education and clowning’

Interviewed by ABC Radio 666, Clowning and the Environment, Canberra

Interviewed on radio 2CC Canberra, Clowning and Patch Adams, Canberra

Interviewed by 3WBC discussing peace issues, Melbourne

Interviewed by ABC Regional Radio in Mount Gambier to discuss local and international peace issues, peace education in schools, clowning with Hazara refugees and why peace is important. 

Send in the peace clown: 12/03/2013 , 2:12 PM by Selina Green 

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  • (Photo – Tasha Impey) When you hear the word clown – what do you immediately think of? Funny, silly people in bright costumes? Perhaps the circus, or the rodeo? But what about “peaceful”?   It’s not a term we would usually associate with clowning around, but Susan Carew is using the age old art of clowning around to spread a message of peace in the community. As Peaceful the Clown, she’s visiting clubs and schools around Naracoorte this week to do workshops with the local community. Stan Thomson asks her how peace clowns differs from other clowns….. download audio (deleted)

Awake 2 Oneness Radio

Susan Carew was interviewed by compare Caroline Chang.

Supernal Magazine

Awaken the Fool, Feature article

Susan was interviewed by Anthony Kilner editor of Supernal magazine who featured an investigation into the homelessness problem (not solved).

Pages 21 to 23

Triple R FM

Susan started a pilot radio program with Triple R called Homeless Lives Matter.  Their voices are not heard.  Refer link below.