Susan Carew-Holmes spent many years travelling the world as a World Peace Clown/Jester. She is a Rotary Peace Fellow and has travelled to conflict zones. She is a trainer in conflict resolution, anti-bullying and values. She has presented at hundreds of organisations discussing, peace, happiness, anti-bullying, clowning etc.

Susan has a personal philosophy of ‘nothing is impossible’ and ‘laughter is the best medicine’. We have taken our lives very seriously and increasingly many are either anxious, depressed or foreboding about the future, living lives of quiet desperation. The poverty we are all feeling is coming from a sense of ‘not enough’ this is caused by economic structures that are driven by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as profit maximisation without factoring in economic harms, the cost to happiness and wellbeing or environmental sustainability.

The real wealth arises from Giving National Happiness (GNH4fun) where Giving is what makes us happy and is the felt abundance, as you experience you have something to give. This can be time, caring, sharing, working together (partnership) and often is expressed in then non-profit, altruistic or household sectors.

Riane Eisler author of Real Wealth of Nations explains the underlying principles behind partnership economics and the reality of domination (power over) that is driving economic collapse.

It is evident when we are happy we naturally give. When we are unhappy we baton down the hatches, we close the doors, we stare fixed at our iPhones and we shut the world out. It feels safer to be online. This leads to social isolation, unrealistic views about people and life, suggestibility (no real world experience) and group think (silos of agreement). Easily people’s beliefs about the world can be shape changed. For example:

The world is a dangerous, unsafe place.

In truth it is the belief that is the problem as it is believed that this is true conceptually not personally experienced. We believe negative thoughts and fear dictates our decisions. That is why Know Thyself is in fun-ships programs.

Susan has travelled to 20 countries alone, with no plan, little money, to face fear. She has travelled Australia alone, again with few resources, learning to trust the life pattern.

She has taught peace, happiness, conflict resolution and come to her own conclusions that Our Happy Destiny is Unavoidable. This is not wishful thinking this is the outcome of years of hardship, homelessness, inquiry, self development and as a teacher. This is something that is achieveable when we face our lives with courage and learn fearlessness.

Fear simply means False Evidence Appearing Real. Maybe we have to become a Fool to find the Wisdom of the Fool. It can appear foolish to the world but beneath that, the road less travelled opens up new pathways. One only need leap and then look to discover what was believed was untrue. To know you don’t know is the beginning of wisdom. When you don’t know you don’t know you continue to make the same mistakes believing it is others fault. This facing of ourselves is where the real awakening is taking place. You cannot change others but you can use your life as your own Mount Everest. We are far more than we can imagine.

Susan aka Peace-fool, is available to come to your Happy Place to share her experience in presentations on topics that you feel are needed for friends, groups, organisations and businesses. Small to medium sized businesses are encouraged to participate as many are struggling and may need cheering up.

She plans to go where invited and has a particular interest in visiting where the desire for happiness is greatest ie. rural areas, schools, youth, elderly, mental health, healthcare sector, emergency services. In addition, she would like to reinforce to those happy, that you are not alone. This is very exciting offering to not only Australia but the world.

Susan Carew Speaking about Negativity

Susan Lily Carew speaking at Probis, Mandurah, Western Australia

Susan Carew Key Note Speaker and Honourary Member of Golden Key, University of Southern Queensland

Susan will bring a fresh new approach to speaking at your organisation or conference about how each of us can make a real difference in the world. Patch Adams said everyone is Great, he is right, so let’s get to work!