Bullying is Powerlessness

Some of my teachers were the ones who engaged in covert bullying (power over) notably stonewalling.  When a person stays silent not because they have nothing to say but are playing a game of power over it can be hard to discern as on the surface it appears they are doing nothing.  Psychological abuse was the jewel I learned from this treatment.  It occurred within a context of requesting resolution and open conversation to ensure other women were not taken down a road where they received no clear answer as a form of abuse. This game playing is more destructive than physical bullying as it is psychological and the person on the end of it cannot defend themselves. However, it turned out to be one of the greatest experience of my life as I practiced peace skills, I chose not to see an enemy, I spoke my truth and offered pathways out of the conflict.  It was the beginning of my understanding of personality disorders that are not clearly visible but subtle behaviours normalised. 

This series of videos emerged out of my desire to find out the truth of the ‘why’ of bullying.  This took me to the edge of my life catalysing 1500 + poems in search of the truth. I had to go within.  This opened the door to wisdom.  Today I know my teachers helped me as my vision is peace.

1.     Bullying Series Part 1: What is Bullying?

2.      Bullying Series Part 2: Is Stonewalling Bullying?

3.      Psychological Injury at Universities

4.     Bullying Series Part 6: SPEAK UP about Suicide, Bullying, Toxic Cultures and REAL HOPE

5.     Bullying Series Part 12a: Are you in a Toxic or Healthy Workplace?

6.     Bullying Series Part 4: Sexism and Subtle Sexual Harassment

7.     Justice

What is the True Nature of Justice