Domination or Partnership?

This is not about women or men it is about domination. Both genders experience this and both are intrinsically impacted by dominant behaviours which are behind the deep unhappiness we are experiencing today. Caring and empathy developed in the course of evolution. This is the turn key that will change everything. The very unification of humanity comes down to the uniting of the masculine and feminine. This is the very basis of nature.

Our real happiness comes down to ‘know thyself’ and then we can know others. Sharing, caring, revealing and healing is the message of this time. We must learn to work together and relinquish belief systems that divide us rather than unite us in a spirit of equality, fairness, and love.

Real Wealth of Nations

Riane Eisler’s book ‘THE Real Wealth of Nations‘ departs from traditional economics books focusing on demand and supply, GDP and fractional reserve banking more identified with a masculine approach to organising resources and labour. Riane brings care and partnership into economics and reveals the most important aspect of activity is ‘partnership’. This word partnership is not a marketing term to encourage collaboration but rather reflective of real community of which many have long forgotten, unless there is a monetary incentive.

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An extract from the video above by Riane Eisler.

Darwin’s lost theory a side part to all of this. Darwin realised we human don’t only adapt but we create. Almost everything around us is a human creation. Not speaking of material things, the debts, house, the clothes, the technology. I am talking about our cultures. We create our cultures. The old categories don’t describe these patterns that is where the partnership domination social scale, biocultural lens comes in. Because you can look at societies on the surface on the domination side very different – the Taliban, eastern religious, the rightest fundamentalist alliance in US, religious in different places. You can look at Hitler’s Germany a secular western society. You can also look at a leftist societies. Stalin’s socialist society. Look at Putin’s Russia and look at Iran on surface different yet they have the same configuration they lean heavily to the domination side. The first thing is the family. They all have not only an economics and society that is authoritarian that is top down and also is family. The second is gender. Have you noticed they all have rigid gender stereotypes. Hitler did a lot to push women back further towards the domination side, Iran does the same, the Taliban does the same even denying girls school. Putin in 2018 radically substantially reduced the penality for family violence. Why? Because he gets it, an authoritarian, rigidly male dominated, highly punitive violent family is connected with exactly the same state. Authoritarian, rigidly male dominated, highly punitive, authoritarian strong man state. The domination side we can see the patterns clearly. My interest was in the alternative, and is there one? My research yes but we have to move out of these conventional fragmenting categories to see what I call ‘patnership’ alternative.

It involves an unfolding of our childhoods. Dynamic involves childhood, gender roles from this perspective gender is not a woman’s issue or men’s issue or everybody inbetween. It is a primary social economic and family organising principle. I can’t emphasise this enough it is contrary to what we are taught, what’s drumed into us. It is not only drummed into those who want to push us back but it is drummed into by people who consider themselves progressives. Gender studies is brand new only 60 yeras old, it is marginalised in the academy so is child development. We all should know about child development a fantastic field that involves neuroscience, it is marginalised you take that course in a field related to it.


Riane’s books: