The work of Byron Katie came to me when I was studying Peace and Conflict in Bangkok as a Rotary Peace Fellow. I was striving to find the pathway to peace. I asked within myself and I found a person who had woken up to joy in her life.

We are going to learn how to transform negative thoughts into positive. It is not to pretend it is about being honest. As this is between you and you.

Inquiry is about questioning beliefs we hold as true as they bring stress. It is to say – Is it true.

This is a link to The Work of Byron Katie.

We are going to undo all false beliefs that cause the barriers to happiness. We are going to come down hard on the problem. We are going to be honest to ourselves as we are ready to move from depression to expression.

The Work is the doorway to real freedom.

You can be in a jail and be free. Freedom is not a place it is a state of being.

Let’s walk through this door together.

We all have equal wisdom.

The Work of Byron Katie