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Susan first started public speaking in 2004.  She speaks dressed as ‘Peacefull’ the World Peace Clown and has felt inspired to communicate peace and happiness in a range of exciting and interesting ways.  She can come as a Cosmic Jester as this inspires a cosmic or universal viewpoint depending on the audience.    

Susan Carew is an inspiring individual who has spent many years working tirelessly in her effort towards building awareness of a global culture of world peace.  Her vast plethora of international experience means that she is not only a passionate advocate for peace, but also an expert facilitator in delivering peace and nonviolence education, as well as creating positive peace through innovate programs and actions.  Her aims are to actively explore the re-humanising effects of humour and positivity in realising human potential for a peaceful and sustainable world.

Susan has had a broad experience having worked in 400 companies across a wide range of industries.  She is a trained economist and has worked as a professional market analyst and entrepreneurial mentor.

In 2002, Susan completed Peace Studies at La Trobe University.  Her teacher was Dr Tom Weber a foremost Gandhian scholar. This course covered States, Nations and Security, Environmental Issues, South Asia and specifically Mahatma Gandhi’s principled nonviolence approach under tyrannical conditions.

Towards the end of the year Susan was personally invited to travel to Russia by Wildman, the brother of renowned World Peace Clown Dr Patch Adams on The Healing with Humour Tour of Russia. This clown trip explored creating positive, loving environments through clowning and creative arts.  Susan recognised the importance of creativity, good will and humour in manifesting positive peace in environments of disadvantage and on the streets. It revealed we are more similar than different.

In 2003, Susan developed and produced the REAL HOPES model which became the values framework for an unique and innovative peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying education program for primary (elementary) school aged children.  This program was the first of its kind teaching peace, critical thinking, non-discrimination, self awareness, nonviolence and anti-bullying. The program utilised the powerful archetype of the clown as facilitator.  Children found learning fun and curious as they were taken on a journey of values to understand inner and outer peace.  It has been widely successful amongst participating students and schools. 

In 2006, Susan envisaged Worldpeacefull. Susan has produced and undertaken innovative training programs to engage organisations and the general community.  The programs are unique in that they incorporate humour, encourage positive thinking and skills to enhance wellbeing.  The focus on training is to develop resiliency, conflict resolution skills, and positive/creative approaches to problems and solutions. It is done in a framework of engagement, fun and experiential education.

In 2008,  Susan was invited from a worldwide candidacy to  participate in the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies program at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.  During this time she travelled through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, studying conflicts.  She clowned in Mae Lai a 50,000 refugee camp, HIV clinic, Mental Health Hospital and presented the first workshop on healing and humour to health professionals in Thailand.

In 2010, Susan travelled the world visiting 20 countries in 6 months as a World Peace Clown.  She visited schools, hospitals and clowned on the streets to inspire connection and harmony.  On the trip she investigated personal peace (harmony), environmental issues and the state of the world.  She returned to Australia at the end of 2010 with the vision of creating a World Peace Sustainability Award (SPEAK UP Award) delivered by a World Peace Sustainability Clown.  She is interested in inspiring children and educators in real change where we live to reach our full potential.

In 2011, Susan travelled Australia offering peace education, conflict resolution and sustainability programs to schools.  The journey was to further her work in inner peace.

In 2012, Susan was invited by Humanitarian Clowns to Southern India to work with the most disadvantaged people utilising humour, love and peace as the tools for connection and hope. 

In 2014, Susan was invited by the Rotary Club of Kyneton to travel to Nepal to teach Cultures of Peace to teachers and clown in remote schools.  Susan aka Peacefull clowned in Kathmandu on public transport.  In many places she visited it was the first time clowns had been seen and it was greeted with great joy and shared humanity.

In 2015, Susan was invited by Judy and John Stafford from the Rotary Club of Naracoorte to undertaken peace building in South Australia.  She taught peace education, clowning around, visited nursing homes and peace building with Hazara refugees and leaders/community in a spirit of fun and humour.

In 2016, Susan started SPEAK UP 4 Oneness Media (US Blog Talk Radio) affiliated with Awake 2 Oneness radio in the USA. This was a pilot program. This work built on her years on community radio speaking about peace.

In 2016-18 she is working on early childhood education and peace in young children as a foundation.

Susan worked in a childcare centre in NSW in 2021 observing child behaviour, educators and parental needs.

2020-2023,  Susan researched the global pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry.

2023, Susan worked on living simply so others can simply live.  Experimenting with zero energy use.

2024, Susan re-started her call to action Happiness! Australia.

Susan believes when we all take responsibility for the world as it is today, then decide to make a new decision that a better world is possible, it will surely happen.  Working with children has taught Susan that children just need the tools, as they have the ability to create a world worth living for.

You are welcome to visit Worldpeacefull to explore the peace story   

Susan has authored e-books with a further 7 books in process Click

Susan personally lives and is inspired by Gandhi’s words ‘to be the change you wish to see in the world’.    

Here are a sample of videos of her story and public speaking.  she is a natural orator and communicator.

An Overview of the Peace Clown Story


Susan Carew Key Note Speaker Golden Key, University of Southern Queensland


Susan Lily Carew speaking at Probis, Mandurah, Western Australia


Susan Carew Speaking about Negativity


Susan will bring a fresh new approach to speaking at your organisation or conference about how each of us can make a real difference in the world. Patch Adams said everyone is Great, he is right, so let’s get to work!