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Values based education aims to bring real happiness to children in times where they feel fearful and disconnected from who they are. Happiness is critical for peace in our world, otherwise children become disconnected and indifferent to each other. Depression, anxiety and stress arise when children feel powerless and lose the sense of real meaning in their lives.

Dr Patch Adams and Peaceful travelled to Russia. It was on this journey that the power of happiness reconnected those who had been abandoned in orphanages or seen as “less” valuable given disabilities. Patch doesn’t see better than or less than, he sees everyone as unique. He has spent his life teaching happiness to teams of clowns and children reminding people to laugh at life, to be a Fool and to re-member why laughter is the best medicine for a healthy, happy world.

Education programs that focus on happiness, laughter, building values and friendship are the very sustainability that ensures a peaceful world that not only survives but thrives.