“Peace clowns are the symbol of unconditional love, having fun and seeing all as one family”

“Peacefull – the clown”

World Peace is Clowning is an initiative inspired by my desire to give joy to people. I would like to thank Patricia Cameron-Hill, Dr. Shayne Yates and Dr. Patch Adams for encouraging me to become a clown.

Peacefull (clown) or Peace-Fool (jester) can visit schools, workplaces, hospitals and perform spontaneously on the streets to create a positive atmosphere for people to feel connected with others.

World Peace is clowning around is great for:

  • Reminding people of positivity and joy;
  • Creating positive working environments;
  • Encouraging humour, playfulness and creativity;
  • Lifting the energy and motivation in a space;
  • Enable people to reconnect with feelings of joy;
  • Feelings of happiness for yourself and all people
  • Giving service to the community.

Clowning is spontaneous and non-judgemental and enables clowns to experience ‘peace’ in action.

If you would like a fun visit then email on: Contact Peacefull

Special thanks for the photo of ‘Peacefull’ by Andrew Brownbill, Heidelberg Leader.