Susan Carew has a unique and inspired message to share.  She lives the happiness she speaks about.  She has been through the highs and lows of life like others and did not lose happiness along the way.  Many these days find life very difficult and they no longer can smile.  Too many disappointments, too many difficult times. 

Susan is here to share the power of happiness, the resilience of getting back up, the true nature of who we are. 

She as been a sought after speaker and has left the audience with new ideas to reflect on and that happiness is not just a nice feeling it is the foundation of life itself.

As a peace clown or fool or jester she has been able to convey the ‘felt’ experience of real joy.  This is how we grow, expand into infinite potential.  Our world barely knows the importance of happiness.  Many speak it but have never really know what it feels like to be truly happy.  This is the feeling of peace as you quietly smile to yourself.  It is like getting the joke.

Her speaking is not only designed to inform the audience but to lead them to action peace and happiness in their own lives as an experience.   She often says ‘Your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable’!

A few choice cut sample testimonials are provided below.



Susan Carew was invited to speak at the Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay. Susan won the Rotary Scholarship from a worldwide candidacy to study Peace and Conflict resolution studies at Chulalongkom University, Bangkok, Thailand in 2008.

In 2002 she was invited by the famous Dr Patch Adams to join 40 clowns from around the world to bring cheer, healing and humour to adults and children in hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes. She presents as a colourful clown and sprinkles humour throughout her speech while interacting closely with the audience and creating connection between people. She has everyone smiling and engaged and contemplating the possibilities.

She delivers an important and credible message of peace and harmony not only in our schools but in the community and the world. She has travelled the globe delivering this message of peace and conflict resolution to demonstrate that we can make a difference where we are.

Susan has been a keynote speaker at a range of Rotary District Conferences and is asked by a range of organisations to publicly speak as her message is so compelling and her delivery so interesting. She has a natural flair for public speaking and I would highly recommend Susan as a public speaker.

Dr. Ken Collins,
Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay

Rotary Club of Naracoorte:

Rotary Club of Western Endeavour

Rotary Club of Mount Gambier:

Rotary Club of Applecross:


Building Bridges to Peace in the Media:

Susan produced 136 programs on Plenty Valley FM, below is a testimonial from the Peace Media Awards:

On behalf of the United Nations Association of Australia, Victorian Division 1 am writing to inform you that the 2004 Media Peace Awards Preliminary Judges were highly impressed by the selected works of ‘Bridges to Peace’ by Susan Carew, Plenty Valley 88.6 FM.

A special mention of the program was made by the Awards Presentation Dinner host, Kerry O’Brien (ABC Television, 7.30 Report) at the 26th annual national Media Peace Awards Presentation Dinner held at the Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne on Friday 22 October:

“There are two community radio programs that deserve special mention for their tireless commitment to peace building. ‘Bridges to Peace’, produced and presented by Susan Carew on Plenty Valley FM is entirely dedicated to peace and nonviolence. ‘Bridging the Gap’, produced and presented by Pieta O ‘Shaughnessy on Curtin FM helps dispel myths and increase awareness of different cultural groups”.

Due to the exceptionally high standard of entries this year Bridges to Peace …is an excellent example of the important contribution community media makes to the promotion of the ideals of the Media Peace Awards – tolerance, understanding and awareness of social justice and humanitarian issues Keep up the good work.

 Patricia Collett, Executive Director
United Nations Association

UNESCO & Values

I have known Susan Carew both as a participant in a seminar / workshop on ‘Values in Education for Sustainability’ and as a co-presenter in a similar workshop in 2007.
As a person she is strongly committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives through her demonstration of universal values for a sustainable lifestyle.
She has a vision of peace, hope and love that she enthusiastically embraces and portrays as ‘Peacefull’ the clown.

Her gentle, positive and sensitive approach engages all ages and people that she contacts.

She is extremely competent in adapting her program and message to a particular group so that the group’s collective energy is raised with a lasting feeling of optimism.
She leaves each individual with a belief that they are empowered to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.
I recommend Susan as a person who lives what she believes and is a powerful positive influence on those people who are fortunate to meet her.   Please contact Owen on for further information.

Yours sincerely, Owen Secombe for UNESCO-APNIEVE

[Asia Pacific Network for International Education and Values Education]


Working with Business:

It has been my privilege and pleasure to be professionally associated with Ms Susan Carew over the past 7 years. During this time Susan has presented marketing and market research sessions to the participants in the Enterprise Development Institute of Australia ACT (EDIA ACT). The EDIA ACT Program concerns the development of entrepreneurial / business skills and acumen among middle level managers and small business operators. Additional to giving presentations, Susan has also been involved in the evaluation and critique of strategic and business plans developed by the participants and acted as a mentor to numerous teams.

Susan demonstrates a sound understanding and appreciation of both theoretical and real world marketing with a particular flair for market research. Her presentations and the advice she gives are both practical and insightful. She demonstrates a strong analytical ability coupled with a good capacity for lateral thinking. Her views and comments are well respected by participants in our programs and her abilities well respected by her peers in the ACT marketing industry.
I have always found Susan to be caring, honest, reliable and very hard working, with a bright and enthusiastic personality. She possesses a great sense of humour.
I would be delighted to expand on these comments if required.

Yours sincerely,

Graeme Burgess – Executive Director

Peace Education:

“…For decades I have bemoaned all over the world that peace and justice are not taught in schools, now I have read over her business plan to implement a program in Australia and I support it whole heartedly. Not only is it a great leap forward for Australia, it also is a pioneer project for the rest of the world to emulate…”

 (Dr. Patch Adams, American Clown Doctor)

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Community Groups:

National Council of Churches – Act for Peace:

World March for Peace and Nonviolence, Positive Steps for Peace: POSITIVE STEPS TO PEACE For Self, Family, Community