Bringing happiness to the nation




The real War is the war within that projects outwards at others.  Until we focus on solving problems from within our own discord (fears, insecurity) we will never remove the so-called enemy.  This is why there are endless wars which divert us from true happiness. 

The resources spent on war are estimated over 1 trillion a year  This expenditure diverted from truly solving more urgent problems around the globe.

It is estimated if 10% of all military spending was diverted to sanitation, starvation, ecology, health and education to name a few this would impact the roots of violence (grievances, call for help) would disappear. Inequality drives unrest.  Inequality has its roots in domination, control and superiority.  In truth we are born equal and die in equality. This higher power doesn’t play favourites.

War is a reflection of a separation consciousness which ultimately is a lose/lose. When we see ourselves in each other this is where win/win begins a new era of cooperation. This is a place where we all win. When this happens you will never look back.

The key question is – Do you want to be right or happy?


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