Have Fun @ Koha in Warburton in 8 July-30 August 2024

QUESTION: Do you want to BE Happy?

Happiness! Australia visited Koha Community Cafe in Warburton to present to the public the vision of Happiness! Australia inspired by the wonderful Dr. Patch Adams. Happiness was his decision.

WHAT WE DO? We are giving presentations to inspire happiness, we will GIVE Funships where we let go of stress to Laugh Out Loud, Play for fun (clown around), Juggle for joy and learn how to think and see life differently. We share ideas on creating Happiness 4 Life.

WHY? For the fun of it!! To share the love and happiness with you as our gift to you. You deserve it. You are worth it. You can change your world. This is the gift you give to you to step out and have fun. It is who we are.

Susan Carew-Holmes is the founder of Happiness! Australia.

She clowned with the famous Dr Patch Adams played by Robin Williams in the film.

Susan is coming to Koha to introduce Happiness! Australia and sample activities to cheer up everyONE.

This is a grass roots initiative.

Susan will give talks, Funship activities to love, laugh, play and BE Happy.

Come to our event….(drum roll)

Do you want to come along and have fun with us? If so, commit to YOUR happiness by booking your place.

BOOKINGS: So we know numbers, email your Name, Date, Activity/s to kohabookings@worldpeacefull.com

COST: There is no cost as you are investing your TIME as a gift to YOU. Laughter is the best medicine as Patch says.

Our philosophy is energy exchange or donation. See the website for suggestions on ways to share the joy.

KOHA directions: https://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Community/Community-directory/Koha-Community-Cafe

Happiness! Australia is a call to action. Jump on this fun-ship. This is a new initiative that aims to inspire giving as living. Giving IS the abundance. What is the adage – what goes around comes around. When we give to ourselves life mirrors this energy exchange. Happiness is the guage as to what makes you happy as it feels right to you. So decide on giving what makes YOU feel happy. You might barter as exchange or share ideas on happiness or donate to keep us going. We call this GNH4FUN.

WHAT IS GNH4FUN? Giving is National Happiness (GNH4Fun) https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/gross-national-happiness/gross-national-happiness-gnh4fun/

GET YOUR FREE TICKET: Fill out the GNH4fun Exchange Form: Download and bring it along as your ticket. Or fill it out at KO-HA.

CLICK to download GNH4Fun Ticket:  Happiness Australia GNH4Fun exchange upload form



The sessions are on Monday and Friday at 7pm-8pm for 8 weeks at Koha. Happy Chats are 1-2pm (3 times). So come along to brighten your day.






Let’s meet up over coffee say between 12-1pm at a local cafe to start the conversation about real happiness, friendshipism and community. Send an email to kohabookings@worldpeacefull.com to let us know you are coming and we will tell you the cafe we are going to.

So come along and talk about happiness in life and our society. Love to hear your views and create a happy community to chill out and have fun.

Travelling to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams

Some may recall the film ‘Patch Adams‘. Patch inspired my journey as a peace clown/jester and a good human being.  He coined the famous saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’.  Myself and 40 clowns visited orphanages, nursing homes, hospitals to spread the joy of laughter, fun and positive community.  This experience changed my life as I saw how our joy and fun changed the lives of thousands.  This was a profound experience and opened my eyes to clowning as community building.  The only focus is happiness.  As a  multinational team of clowns we learned how a small group can develop loving service with strangers.  Patch called this the ‘love revolution’.

Imagine if our world societies chose to live to give (abundance) rather than take to have (psychological poverty) our societies would shift from a culture of fear to one of loving kindness.  Patch Adams stated in Saint Petersburg, Russia that: “Everyone is great…now get to work!!”

Travelling the World as a World Peace Clown

Refer Clowning around the world for peace Presentation
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CONTACT: Susan Peace Fool ‘founder’, or Maria Cooky burra.

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