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  • To empower change in the highest interest of society we must start with children.  The REAL HOPE videos were the first videos produced by Worldpeaceful Empowerment.   All the videos are with the children in mind.  It is their future that all must speak up. 
  • The videos demonstrate democracy in action in the public interest.  The videos are inspired and empower freedom of speech as a vital contribution to the public discourse in the public interest.  Diversity is very important to awaken people that there are many voices, not just those favoured. 
  • Democracy is learning to express diverse perspectives with respect. 
  • Worldpeacefull YouTube Channel is to provide an example of reclaiming democracy and discovering the public voice.  
  • All voices are of the highest value. 

R.E.A.L. H.O.P.E. 4 Children

Teaching Peace to Children to Create REAL HOPES.   Play all 





1.       Bullying Series Part 1: What is Bullying? 

2.      Bullying Series Part 2: Is Stonewalling Bullying?

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4.     Bullying Series Part 6: SPEAK UP about Suicide, Bullying, Toxic Cultures and REAL HOPE 

5.     Bullying Series Part 12a: Are you in a Toxic or Healthy Workplace?

6.       Bullying Series Part 4: Sexism and Subtle Sexual Harassment

7.     What is the True Nature of Justice






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