Happiness! Australia is a Call to Action

We can celebrate who we are. We are all amazing when we are happy. Happiness! Australia is a call to action happiness. As your Happy Destiny is unavoidable when you make a decision.

Susan Carew-Holmes is sharing her happiness with you by offering to come to your Happy Place and Re-mind you of why happiness is central to peace, joy and prosperity which is the real abundance we forget about as bills must be paid.

1) Happiness! Australia Cheer Up! Let’s BE Happy Together (GNH 4 Fun)

This is a call out to all Australians, no matter background, culture, gender or difference to join in Happiness! Australia for the fun of it.

You can invite us to come and speak at your place (happiness presentations), play in fun-ships to reconnect to sillyness, clown around, juggle, laugh and learn happiness 4 life skills and question thinking to resolve inner/outer conflict and your happy place for the sheer fun of it.

We are open to your ideas on how we can create ONE BIG happy country and return to our happy go lucky attitude of helping each other and laughing out loud together. HA will share the REAL HOPES to Advance Australia fair.

You may invite to your Happy Place:

Happy Speaker: https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/speaker/
Funship activities: https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/focus/
HA chats: https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/ha-chats/
Happy experiences (videos): https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/public/public-interest-videos-2/
Happiness! Australia flier to download for networks: https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/happiness-australia-celebration/

2) Happiness! Australia (HA) Cheering Up! Rural Australia (2024-2025)

A HDR image of a gathering storm near a highway Down Under.

This project is to visit struggling rural Australia and remind them they are not alone and that we can have a laugh and let go of the stress that is a constant these days. This is a program that reminds every Australian that Happiness is the real wealth of the nation. Here is an example of the rural people. We cannot imagine how they feel when they confront no rain or floods, changing government policy, low prices and loss of their family businesses. The young people end up leaving towns.

Bureau of Meterology http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/drought/

This initiative is to bring Happiness! Australia presentations, Fun-ships, conflict resolution and happiness techniques to the rural communities. Like this artist he was singing up the rain. Maybe when positive people get together anything is possible.

HA will be visiting those who need a laugh, who want to clown around and want to turn their lives around and beat the flood of unhappiness that is the real dis-ease in our nation.

Australians are known for their sense of humour and happy go lucky attitude to life. This project is to reconnect to the class clown in all of us.

Invitation to Rotary

Letter: Introduction Letter to Rotary

Proposal: Happiness Australia Cheering Up Rural Australia Rotary Proposal

A Video for Rotarians highlighting Susan’s peace work, experience, her book and the importance of the Fool and REAL HOPES.  Paul Harris was a wise fool.  Note:  I am not a scary clown but a real fun one.  Face it – you are all clowns but in denial.  I grew up joking around.  That is who we are.

Invitation to Community Groups and Supporters:

Happiness Australia Cheering Up Rural Australia Communities Proposal final

The wisdom of the Fool is to ‘know thyself’ to realise life is the experience where we are all mastering our foolishness. The wise remember that what we do to another returns to the self. So to cause harm becomes self-defeating or harming yourself. It is wise to become self reflective and ask ‘how would I feel if that was me’? Will the action cause harm or benefit?

Other Research:

Rural areas


Young people https://melbourneinstitute.unimelb.edu.au/assets/documents/hilda-bibliography/working-discussion-research-papers/2012/Beatton_etal_Unhappy_Young_Australian.pdf

3) REAL HOPES 4 Kids (Values, Anti-bullying)

Values based education aims to bring real happiness to children in times where they feel fearful and disconnected from who they are. Happiness is critical for peace in our world, otherwise children become disconnected and indifferent to each other. Depression, anxiety and stress arise when children feel powerless and lose the sense of real meaning in their lives.

The REAL HOPE program is a values based, peace nonviolence and anti-bullying program.  REAL HOPE is an acronym for:  Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love, Honesty, Oneness, Peace and Enjoyment.  REAL HOPE is a program where life skills, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and peaceful behaviours are developed and integrated over a 8 week program.  For short visits Susan could offer specific values the school wants to focus on.

4) The SPEAK UP Award:
Sustainability, Peace, Encouragement Award 4 Kids to Unite People

This Award could be started in 2025

to encouraging children to SPEAK UP – the Sustainability Peace Encouragement Award for Kids to Unite People. This project was designed for Rotary. Other organisations or groups can feel free to be involved if they feel excited to inspire and empower children. This is a great project to empower children in peace building and sustainability. The project was initiated as a International Project in 2015 and is now envisaged to begin in 2025.

The brochure can be viewed: SPEAK UP New-1

The SPEAK UP! Award could be piloted in Australia in 2025 to Australian children and then it will become a global project.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/HKOqk_Dtazk?feature=oembed&wmode=transparent https://www.worldpeacefull.com/childrens-speak-up-award/embed/#?secret=8y4y7nMYm4&wmode=transparent

5) Build a Ecovillage for Homeless Women to live independently

The highest proportion of homeless are women over 50 years of age. This initiative is to raise funds to buy land and build a ecovillage for 50 homeless women. The goal is to empower sustainability, self reliance and happiness in a community of supportive women. https://www.youtube.com/embed/oY1CNGrlMWc?feature=oembed&wmode=transparent

Proposal: Build An Ecovillage: https://ha.worldpeacefull.com/homeless-lives/solution-build-a-ecovillage/


Susan Lily Carew-Holmes created Happiness! Australia.

She is inviting happy project partners, friends, groups to get behind Happiness, Hope and Peace Projects that create connection, happiness, joy and REAL HOPES for every ONE.

This work is not a business it is a public service. It is like lighting a candle of happiness to pass on.

In exchange for fun we ask for you to contribute as Giving National Happiness 4 Fun (GNH4Fun) is the real wealth of a nation. You give what makes you happy. Everyone wins. That is the goal.

Happy Project Partners are invited to contact Susan at community@worldpeacefull.com or click on Contact