Current 2024-2025: Happiness! Australia is a Call to Action

This is a summary.

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Happiness! Australia is inviting genuine project partners to get behind Happiness, Hope and Peace Projects that create connection, happiness, joy, unity and REAL HOPES at the current time and into the future. The purpose is to transmute negativity into positivity to enable resiliency in rural communities. Programs include conflict resolution. There is a call for action to build a ecovillage for homeless women and to empower children in the areas of peace and sustainability aligning with earth systems.

1) Happiness! Australia Cheering Up! Rural Australia

This project is to visit struggling rural Australia and remind them they are not alone and that we can have a laugh and let go of the stress that is a constant these days. This is a program that reminds every Australian that Happiness is the real wealth of the nation. Susan Carew will offer public speaking, fun-ship activities (clowning, juggling, laughter), conflict resolution and other happiness sessions to assist rural communities.

2) Build a Ecovillage for Homeless Women

The highest proportion of homeless are women over 50 years of age. This initiative is to raise funds to buy land and build a ecovillage for 50 homeless women. The goal is to empower sustainability, self reliance and happiness in a community of supportive women.

3) The SPEAK UP Award Project:

This Award is to be started in 2024 to encouraging children to SPEAK UP – the Sustainability Peace Encouragement Award for Kids to Unite People. This will start as a rural pilot project in Australia. The SPEAK UP! Award is to be piloted in Australia in 2025 to Australian children and then it will become a global project.