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The videos below are selected videos from my YouTube channel and represent a reflection and analysis of homelessness, bullying, suicide, conflict resolution and peace.  Homelessness became the catalyst for myself to understand why this happens and investigate the indifference to suffering.

Worldpeacefull Empowerment:

Can We Advance Australia Fair?

Humour builds bridges across cultures

We the People of Australia Ask to Advance Australia Fair

advance australia fair

Voting for Happiness Australia

maslows hierarchy of needs

Do Homeless Lives Matter?

Home less

Is Independence Homelessness, Exclusion as Life, Liberty & Happiness?

The Inequality of Homelessness or a Bill of Rights?

Mental Health Crisis or Gross National Happiness?

Courtney Herron Homelessness and Violence Part 1


Courtney Herron, Homelessness and a Culture of Peace Part 2

The Lie of Inequality in Homelessness

Homeless Lives Matter Electing to Walk to Parliament


Homeless Persons Do Not Vote – A Message to Politicians and the Public

Is Justice Resolution?  


What is the True Nature of Justice?

Justice is to be Seen and Heard

High Court Decision and the Loss of Freedom of Speech


The True Nature of Conflict

The Path of Conflict Resolution Changes the Climate

Parliament signs

Wellbeing Series: Everyone Can Win in Any Conflict

Is Bullying Self Deception and Self Destruction?


The Big Picture of Self Destruction or Self Realisation?

worldwide bullying

Bullying Series Part 1: What is Bullying?

Truth or Denial?

Can You Transcend Bullying?

Bullying Series Part 10: Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Narcissism

Violence is Suppression


Bullying Series Part 6: SPEAK UP about Suicide, Bullying, Toxic Cultures and REAL HOPE

speak up

Bullying Series Part 2: Is Stonewalling Bullying?

Does Fairness in Conflict Resolution Lead to World Peace?


Resolving Differences is a Key Note for World Peace

Teaching Peace

Em-path-y is the Path to Stop Bullying and Open to World Peace

SPEAK UP 4 Real Solutions for Global Peace

Note: Clowns are not scary it is unquestioned thinking that believes what others think that causes fear.  Real Clowns are about happiness, the fake ones want you to fear life.

Sending a Sign Wave to the World

What is your message?


Economic Refugees?

homeless veterans

Homeless older women on the rise I The Feed

Homeless woman facing fines for building herself a home

Homeless Australia (Documentary)

@Home (Homelessness Documentary) | Real Stories

ON THE STREETS — a feature documentary on homelessness in L.A.