Happiness Conversations. Let’s talk.

These conversations will be group conversations or one on one. Sometimes coming together is better as we can see others share how we feel. it can be supportive and uplifting to hear other stories. Sometimes we start with just trusting a person and sharing. We are in community, which means common unity. Let’s come together.

To start on the path to happiness we first have to understand what happiness is?

Is it to say ‘it’s all good’ no matter what happens when deep down you don’t feel good but can’t go there?

Or is it to really look at what brings us joy naturally.

Not drugs, or addictions or sitting in front of films vicariously being happy through others.

It is to find what makes your heart sing.

It is to be yourself and not care about what others think.

It is about doing no harm and not making others unhappy as they don’t turn up your way.

it is about learning to question yourself not others.

The work of true happiness is an inside job that reveals “to thine own self be true”. this is the pathway to happiness. It is not fairyfloss but it is a relinquishing of those things that no longer serve you and to reconnect with what really brings joy into your life.

It is about really listening to others and not waiting for a gap.

It is about sharing your life.

It is about vulnerability, letting people in not keeping the world out.

It is about finding your voice.

I am here as a guide along Your Way to assist you as I’ve been there too.