This philosophy is entitled ‘A Civil Manifesto of REAL HOPES’.  It is written to serve the Public Interest and ideas on how Advance Australia Fair.

This work arose out of my deep search for truth in the face of abuse, indifference and inequality.  I am not a person that holds grudges or dislikes anyone. I am a peacemaker and the philosophy enlightened me.  This inspiration occurred at 4am in the morning when I was in Canberra many years ago and I sent it to every politician.

So I share this with you for free as my work is free-dominion. I believe my experience was to serve the greater good as I sought the truth to be happy rather than to be right. 

The wise ask quizzically:

Is it better to be right or happy? 

This is a turnkey question for our society. 


Click the Link to the book:    Civil Manifesto final

The truth sets us free!