My book a Fool for Peace showcases what one person can do when they choose love.

Manuscript A Fool for Peace final 2020

This page showcases actioning kindness

Did you know that if you wish to be happy then give it to others.

What you give away returns.  This is the secret to life.  Many think life is to take so you don’t miss out.  I witnessed thousands of times when I gave something returned.  It is a natural law.

You can never buy happiness. It is a gift.  

Random acts of kindness is to 2BKind for no reason.  Clowning is a random act of kindness.  The motivation is not for money but love.  As I give it returns to me.  I found this to be the real inner wealth or what I term the ‘fools gold’

All happiness and kindness comes from a heart centred life.  This is the future.  This is what transforms from Gross Domestic Product to Gross National Happiness.  This renewable form of wealth generation works on the principle of paying forward kindness rather then pretending kindness in order to be paid.

Examples of kindness in action are highlighted as follows:

My intention for a Culture of Peace:

To be a Clown is to be Happy is Kindness in Action:

Clowning in Russia with Dr. Patch Adams:

Rotary international Peace and Conflict Studies Program:

Travelling around Australia:

Travelling around World:  Albums

Rotary Peace Through Service:

Humanitarian Clowns in India:

Rotary Teacher Training and Cultures of Peace, Nepal:

Writing e-books: 

A fool for Peace (complete) Manuscript A Fool for Peace final 2020

I believe kindness in my experience changes the world in a way that is genuine. For myself, I did this for free, why?  It brought me happiness and freedom to follow my heart.  Happiness is generous, kind and bullying is not possible when you are truly happy.  All unkindness and cruelty comes from inner pain. To transform the social ills we lead with kindness and share for the highest good.  Patch Adams does this every day, as he realised to be Happy was the real Life.



Kindness is the space in which we join,

It is the place in which we find joy,

It is to know that you see yourself in another,

And this reveals the cover,

Enabling another to recover,

Their dignity.

Kindness is the road and the road map,

for to go nowhere is to be now here,

the present moment is the place of friendship,

It is the fun-ship that never sinks,

It will buoy you for the rest of your life,

For every person is the kite,

Waiting to fly on the words of love and friendship,

Kindness is the soft landing,

Every time.


So throw a line to a stranger,

Share a smile as a friend,

For this is rainbow bridge taking us home,

In free-dom.


Here are a few examples of peace makers in disguise as kindness advocates.  Why not Be Kind today, join the movement, perhaps what you put out returns to you as the present (pre-sent).  See below:


World Kindness Movement

Australian Kindness Movement