There is no cost. This is about giving national happiness 4 fun. It is about finding what you want to give rather than the poverty of ‘cost’. GNH4fun. What this means is all who participate find their inner abundance. When we are happy we naturally give. It can be time, what is needed, participation in Happiness Australia etc.

Happiness! Australia is not a business, it is not volunteering, it is more like going to a friend’s house for dinner and bringing a yummy dessert as an exchange to share.

Therefore, this is a new type of social exchange gifting happiness for whatever it is you wish to give in return. It is about sharing joy and expanding real wealth and abundance as a lived experience.

We are electrical, our thoughts do create. So, what you think about you bring about. What you intend to give sends a signal to life that you have abundance and as Jim Carey said in Inspiring Stories (Greatness), he would talk about what he wants as if he has it. He would know he is abundant and life gives what is 100% desired. So if you have doubt it won’t come. Imagine a world where we give to each other what is desired rather than working out how much we can take and the feeling of ‘not enough’. This is where real poverty was manifested. This is why there are homeless.

The rationale behind this initiative is that the system of economics has conditioned people to only offer products or services for money (digital) which is typically not what they want to do but rather where they think will make them money. Students do the same with study, they go for the subjects like law, doctors, science where they will make the most money not where their talent lies.

Everyone these days has been trained to think it is all about ‘taking’ not ‘giving’. Those who give are seen as losers or worth less. These days we have a global internet and digital monies leave countries and comparative advantage of producing the best product or service subject to demand and supply is no longer. The large multinational corporations are controlling markets across the world, this is called globalisation. This places the intention on “taking” or “maximising profit” as the top priority which sends a signal of ‘not enough’ as they are always wanting more. There is no peace in this paradigm, no sense of happiness or getting there. Always they have to remain competitive and changing but seldom do they think ‘am I happy?’ This is a different signal to deciding what you want to give not as something you have to do, but something that expresses natural gifts as a exchange.

The Real Wealth of Nations by Riane Eisler (see GNH) discusses Partnership economics which has a focus on caring and compassion and the non-profit/household sectors. It is a new way of seeing life in partnership with each other. The non-profit sector has sought to do this but has in the end become about business models and marketing corporate social responsibility (to be seen to be charitable) to build brand image and trust. The real charity of giving because a person desires to share with others, contributing their time or involved with community has being lost in the monetorisation of activity. Time is money. It is the nature of domination systems that are self focussed.

It is our true nature to give not take. Anyone with children observes that children give without thinking about what is in it for me. They do it to make someone happy. Children do not calculate what they are going to get in return. In our current systems we have reduced ‘giving’ to predominantly women’s work or those very important contributions that are unseen yet deeply felt in the social fabric that most take for granted. Even kindness is not valued or even calculated in GDP as it is not possible to calculate the real value of a kind act. Yet that very act can change a life. The real joy of social interaction, laughter, joking and being in nature is taken for granted but not understood in its intrinsic value that is healthy and life affirming.

The way to gain an insight into the real gifts of our humanity is to imagine on your death bed what you will be thinking about? I can promise you it won’t be the properties you own, the career you had, how much money in the bank. It will be about who you are, your life experience and those you loved and were impacted by. This is the real exchange in being human.

Therefore, Happiness! Australia will invite those participating in learning, laughing, clowning around and engagement in projects to consider an exchange based on what you want to give or feel inspired to give.

Susan is living net zero and has decided to live in a way where need equals want. This means what she has she wants. The very nature of giving produces the very abundance that is needed. It is not distorted by ‘false’ needs and wants. As a formerly trained economist she has realised the real abundance is in ‘giving’ not ‘taking’, although exchanges will occur.

Giving for National Happiness (GNH) 4 fun becomes a playful way of exchanging and experiencing your own abundance as appreciation for what life brings.

The real exchange is to know the more you give the more comes back to you. This can’t be done as manipulation it has to come from a genuine feeling or sense of love, as we naturally will give.

What shall you give?

Give what makes you feel happy. As you give in this spirit it sends a message to life itself that you are abundant, you have something to give.


If you can’t think of anything. A few ideas below where we know we will need life to supply our expenses, as follows:

  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Repairs (vehicle)
  • Talents
  • Volunteer (skills)
  • Vehicle (Happiness Van)

Email Susan to discuss and chat.