When you awaken to who you are you realise you are ONE with life itself. There is no person greater than another. True freedom is to know you are great.

Susan Carew-Holmes: “…I have always lived as if all people are equal. Even as a child I knew we were equal and knew everyone had potential. Like my father, I treated people with the same respect. I didn’t care if they were rich or poor, struggling or on the street. To me, I look into their eyes and I can see ‘they are me’. I have spoken to thousand and thousands of people in business, as a clown, travelling the world, in schools, giving presentations and I have seen ‘same same but different’ and celebrated the great diversity of humanity. I value every person I meet as I see difference as exciting. I do not mind if they do not believe as I believe as I respect they are on their own journey and it may be different from mine. It is not for me to say I am right you are wrong, I just listen and suspend the idea, maybe latter I realise what I thought was true or not. Whatever the case each has their own experience, mix of relationships, educational prism, and ways of seeing and processing life. No two the same. Diversity is universal…”

Delta Goodrem is a song writer, musician and performer is self made and an example of how freedom of expression leads us to greatness. The song is a reminder we are one country, one humanity and can do it no matter those who seek to divide our country. She adivses people to follow their guiding inspiration in a place where dreams are made and it is not a time to be afraid. Put our differences behind us. See what we can all become together. We are one not in a marketing sense but in reality. This is about helping each other. This is not about sport alone, it is about what you love, who you are and what you were born for. United we stand divided we fall.

We are indeed one family and one species. We divide and believe the ‘other’ you disapprove of does not deserve your care or consideration. As Patch Adams said to we clowns: “everyONE is Great”

Patch Adams:

“….You also said ‘if you want presidents and world leaders and a world that survives you have got to hear that people think you are great, know you are great and get to work. Get articulate about it. Great does not greater than it is not a comparison…”

Steve Irwin’s greatness was in his ordinary, matter of fact and genuine approach to live. Everyone loved him because what you see is what you get.

I’d say Paul Hogan was inspired by Steve Irwin. Remember Crocodile Dundee? What he conveyed was the ‘happy go lucky’ approach which Australia is known for. Our country was the envy of the world as we didnt’ take ourselves so seriously. We were mates, friends, scalywags, mongrels, idiots, clowns and treated everyone the same. We didn’t have the hierarchies that are happening today. Some of us are still left, who remember.