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About Happiness Australia


Happiness Australia is founded by Susan Carew.   Everyone has a happy place they go to, for her that has been positive psychology and inner change.  As a clown she has experienced the joy of unlocking joy in others by being joy herself.  She has come to deeply understand the foundation of happiness and the importance of unveiling what makes us happy.  When we discover what opens us to happiness then great things can happen.  We see extraordinary ideas generated, the courage to act on ideas and trail blazing initiatives. 

Happy people make things happen and their optimism is the light that others follow.  So – what makes you happy?

Her qualifications and background experience have given her excellent insights into happiness and what it really means.

  • Worked in 400 companies.  This experience showed me a wide range of workplaces and what I discovered was that people were not happy.  It started me questioning the way we work.
  • Trained in Economics and Marketing at Griffith University in Brisbane.  What I learned from this experience is that economics arose to distribute goods and services to meet needs and wants to society more efficiently.  To increase efficiency demand and supply of goods were determined by price, which is why we have prices.  The purpose of economics was to create wealth and happiness.  I had two questions when I left university – how does economics measure human social emotional satisfaction? How does economics deal with infinite growth modelling and the fact that the planet has limits?  I now see a new form of happiness economics or gross national happiness indicators could be the real wealth of a nation.
  • Employed in market research and discovered the world of public polling and focus groups.  What I learned from this profession was there was common sense in the public and that there were no average people.  I really respected the voices I heard and realised this was as close to democracy we could get.  So I am in favour of working closely with the public to understand what they feel will make them happy in their lives.
  • Studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne.  This experience highlighted for public action in terms of nonviolent activism and in particular, Gandhi’s principled action inspired by Satyagraha and Ahimsa or holding onto truth and nonviolent love.    I learned about human rights, the environment, South Asia and mediation.  I came out of this with a better understanding of peace through action, nuclear flashpoints in the world and the importance of conflict resolution.
  • Selected from a worldwide candidacy to study on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.  My reason for going on the program was to understand our nearest neighbours and deepen my understanding of peace.  I learned from world experts their approaches to conflict resolution, conflict mapping, nonviolent activism, counter-terrorism and peaceful approaches to peace.  It was an inspiring course as it connected me with participants from across the world and catalysed an understanding within myself of positive transformation.   When we focus on positivity we can change how we treat the world and indeed the world we see.  Gandhi’s words ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ would be the expression of this.  So rather than condemning we create opportunities for people to model positive change.
  • Invited to Russia to clown with Dr. Patch Adams the famous clown doctor.  This was a profound experience that opened my eyes to the community building of clowning.  As clowns we go onto the streets, into orphanages, nursing homes, on trains and meet the people.  Our only focus is happiness.  We were a multinational team and it was wonderful to see such loving service.  Imagine if our world chose to live to give rather than take and live in a space of poverty or fear about the future.  We would indeed be living the life we desire.  Clowning taught me to open the heart and see all people as myself.  I had the privilege of seeing beauty in every face.
  • WorldPeacefull is a vision.  This vision is focused on training in peace education, anti-bullying and conflict resolution.  I was interested in bringing harmony into workplaces, schools and in the community. 
  • Travelled the world as a World Peace Clown to deepen my understanding of peace in myself and peace in the world.  I travelled to 20 countries to meet people and gain an insight into the shape of the world.  I saw that the capitalist system has taken hold in many countries and globalisation of brands we all know were present.  I saw great poverty, cultural diversity, environmental pressures and kindness in many of the people I met.  I realised the world was indeed my family and that is the attitude to adopt when dealing with world citizens.
  • Travelled Australia and visited some schools to offer peace education and conflict resolution.  I had the opportunity to teach indigenous children and experience their wonderful smiles.  I met many children and that is my happiness as a peace clown.   There is no greater joy than bringing happiness to others.  I learned that peace is an inside job and to bravely face what we fear and take a risk.  I travelled alone and found a great sense of freedom.
  • Travelled to India with 15 clowns and visited Mother Therese’s Missionaries of Charity, visited deaf children, blind children, HIV children, abandoned women, orphans, released bonded labour, tribal villages and shared love and joy with the people of Velore in Tamil Nadu.
  • Travelled to Nepal with Rotary to teach peace education and clown on the streets of Kathmandu and the remote villages of Ghara and Padwar (Western Nepal).

Many initiatives and approaches to happiness have been developed which will empower our society to think in another way.  We can create the society we want when we start to question why we are not happy?  The problem is that we tolerate the unhappiness as if there is no choice.  Indeed there is a choice.  It is to make the steps towards changing the way we see in order to open up to a new path where happiness can occur even when life is difficult.

Everyone is greatness Patch Adams said in Saint Petersburg, he is right.  It is a question of whether people believe that or not.  Do you believe in your own greatness? I certainly do.

Happiness Australia is an outgrowth of Worldpeacefull. 

Feel free to visit the website for how you can action happiness and further information:

We are all in this together and when we generate positive intentions towards the future our children will benefit.  They are watching adults and if adults think the world is going to pack then they will believe that too and wonder ‘what is the point?’. 

We are in the midst of great change, and it’s outcome will be positive with your participation.  Why not join those of like mind to work together for a happy society full of opportunity and surprises.  This is not to pretend happiness it is to actually discover the real peace and happiness within us waiting on our welcome.  In the words of Kahil Gibran:

“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.”

Our Happy Destiny is Unavoidable.